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The Powerstep System

The PowerStep – Body Weight Support Treadmill (BWST) System for Locomotor Training and Gait Therapy. Locomotor training is an activity-based therapy that uses task-specific retraining to take advantage of the spinal cord’s capacity to relearn to stand and step after neurologic injury.

The PowerStep combines its closed-loop force feedback system with manually assisted stepping and standing to provide the optimal environment for recovery of standing and walking.



One harness is included as standard equipment.

Supplemental harnesses in the following sizes can be ordered to fit your program needs:

Pediatric: 19 1/2″ to 22″ Chest
Child: 24” to 28” Chest
Small: 28” to 33” Chest
Medium: 33” to 37” Chest
Large: 35” to 40” Chest
X-Large: 38” to 45” Chest
XX-Large: 45” to 52” Chest


90-degree Platform

This optional platform replaces the standard straight platform. The 90 degree angle reduces the room length required for ramp and wheelchair access by almost 10 feet. Available in Right of Left side ramp configurations.

Front Therapist Platform

The optional platform mounts over the nose of the treadmill, provides a safe and sturdy place for therapists to stand when patients “pike” forward or for when attaching safety cables.

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