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The Powerstand

The PowerStand is a state-of-the-art device for cutting-edge stand training intervention distributed by Power NeuroRecovery, Inc. The PowerStand is designed to facilitate the sensori-motor experience for standing by allowing manual-assisted training. A training team with expertise in delivering locomotor training and engineers designed the PowerStand specifically to meet the needs of adults with spinal cord injury.


General Overview:

  • Stable adjustable frame.

  • Allows for use of bungees or manual assistance by the trainers/therapists.

  • Allows for sit to stand transition from wheelchair or mat.

  • Has four wheels for easy mobility around the clinic.

Features advantageous for the patient:

  • An open, unobstructed view allows individuals to use mirrors and monitor posture.

  • Adjustable height and length of the crossbar to allow for optimal placement for upper extremity support

  • Adjustable footplates to allow for the patient’s feet to be secured in place.

  • Promotes progression of hip and knee assistance with removable and adjustable bungees

Ergonomic advantages for therapists and trainers:

  • Double or single chair option for ‘leg trainers’

  • Adjustable seat forward and backward optimally aligns each trainer’s position relative to the patient for proper posture during knee assistance.

  • Open, unobstructed access to the PowerStand to allow for fast stand to sit transitions. 

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