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Respiratory Training Device

The Respiratory Training Device is designed for in-home use for those more susceptible to disease and infection, including people with spinal cord injury, which can lead to more serious, long-term health complications. It is used to improve and maintain your respiratory health.

Much like other types of exercise, the Respiratory Training Device can strengthen the muscles of breathing, and with continued use, can improve overall respiratory function.



This official site is offering the Respiratory Training Device at a discounted cost direct to you - including the availability of having one donated to someone in need.

The Respiratory Training Device is shipped free of charge direct to your home and consists of 4 parts:

  • A T-Shaped Connector and Mouthpiece,

  • Two Adjustable Pressure Threshold Valves,

  • A Nose Clip, and

  • Detailed instructions. 

Included in your purchase is our online tutorial you can access. It includes sections about the device, its use, training regimen, and cleaning and storage - all outlined with detailed descriptions and supporting videos.

We also provide customer service support regarding questions about using your device, its proper training, and any concerns you may have.

You can breathe easy knowing you made the right choice.

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