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The Pediatric PowerStep is a state-of-the-art device for delivery of activity-based locomotor training and is distributed by Power NeuroRecovery, Inc. The PowerStep is designed to facilitate the sensorimotor experience for standing and walking through repetitive practice with manually-assisted cues by specially trained physical therapists and activity-based technicians. Activity-based locomotor training targets activation of the neuromuscular system below the lesion to advance gains in neuromuscular capacity and ultimately restore function and improve a child’s quality of life. Together, pediatric physical therapists and researchers with expertise in delivering locomotor training, engineers, and industrial designers developed the Pediatric PowerStep specifically to meet the needs of children with spinal cord injury and children with other neurological conditions, age 18 months to 12 years, and those providing locomotor training. Building on the dynamic body weight support system of the adult Power Step, the Pediatric PowerStep meets the needs of both the child to receive locomotor training and the therapist/trainer to efficiently and effectively deliver activity-based locomotor training.

The Pediatric Powerstep

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